The Cades Cove Loop experiences heavy traffic congestion, particularly during the summer months. While no public transportation into Cades Cove currently operates, consider some of the following possibilities solutions for more enjoyment and less traffic on your visit to the Cove:

      Bike the Cove! Rent a bike and pedal through Cades Cove. Cades Cove Loop Road is open only to bikes on Wednesday and Sunday mornings from early May through late September. Auto traffic resumes at 10am.
      Parking in the Cove is limited. Early mornings, weekdays, early spring or late fall are the least crowded times to visit.
      Think about sharing rides. Planning to meet friends? Meet up outside the park and share a ride in. Ride-share discount: $5
      Consider another non-auto option:
      Horse drawn tours, originating in the park, seasonal
      Bus tours, originating outside the park in Townsend, TN, year round