Bike Rentals

We start renting bikes at 9:00am except for Wednesday’s when we rent at 7:00am and last rentals go out no later than 3:00pm. We have a wide selection of Fuji cruiser bikes for adults and children.

Cades Cove Bicycle Rates

*Bicycle rentals are available at a discount during March and November.

Key Information

Bike renters will need to sign a short Acknowledgment of Risk and review the Rules of the Road form before renting a bike.

Now taking reservations by phone for bike rentals on Wednesdays. We will reserve up to 10 groups. Must be here by 7am. Payment required for reservations. No refunds. No same week reservations. 48 hours or more cancellation notice.

Our Bike Rentals are first-come, first-served so, make sure you are here early.

Biking the loop early (before Memorial Day) or late in the season (after Labor Day) can offer you a chance to see Cades Cove with fewer visitors.

Cades Cove Scenic Loop Road

The full Cades Cove loop is 11 miles, but there are turnoffs at two different points if you’d prefer a shorter ride. Along the way, you’ll see numerous historic buildings – the homes, churches, and workplaces of Cades Cove residents during the 19th and early 20th centuries. You’ll also have access to several hiking trailheads.

The loop is closed to automobile traffic on Wednesdays from the first Wednesday of May to the last Wednesday of September each year.

Bike renters will need to sign a short Acknowledgment of Risk form before renting a bike. You can view and sign the waiver by clicking here.

Also please review our Rules of the Road for your safety and the safety of others.

Cades Cove Scenic Loop Map. The map holds points of interests and paths to take for walking, biking and running.

Bike Safety and Rules of the Road

  • Not required but we recommend walking your bike on steep downhills (as noted on map and signs).
  • Stay on the Road.
  • Hike on marked trail only.
  • Pack it in; pack it out. Don’t leave litter, food, or debris behind.
  • Give wildlife the right of way. Don’t feed or approach animals. Be alert for large animals such as deer – crashes are a reality.
  • Respect historic buildings. Do not climb on or deface them.
  • Follow traffic laws. Cyclists have the same rules as cars. Ride on the right side, obey signals and signs, signal turns.
  • Be predictable. Make your intentions clear; signal turns; check behind you before turning. 
  • Be conspicuous. Ride where you’ll be seen; make eye contact with drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Think ahead. Anticipate others’ actions. Be alert to turning vehicles, parked cars, debris, potholes.
  • Ride Ready. Wear your helmet; dress for the weather; carry water and food. Refill your reusable water bottle or purchase one at the shop. 

In event of EMERGENCY: no cell coverage on the loop; don’t ride a non-functioning bike; if stranded go to #9 #15 or rental shop for help; flag down a vehicle and ask them to report your location and need to us at the shop; a rescue vehicle comes around periodically. NOTE: heavy traffic on the loop means that it may take some time for help to arrive.


Cades Cove Loop Road is an 11-mile one way road. It provides bicyclists with excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing and touring 19th Century homesites. The road is steep in a few spots and you will share the road with vehicles. The road offers two “short-cuts” so you can easily make the ride shorter if you choose to do so.

The bulk of our adult bike fleet consists of Fuji Barnaby bikes. These are comfort bikes. Most of these have seven ‘speeds’ but some are single “speed”.  In addition, we have children’s bike frames that are 16”, 20” and 24” so we can accommodate a range of children’s sizes.

We don’t have a minimum age. A child just has to be able to ride a bike without training wheels or other assistance and be comfortable on our bikes. Parents need to use their discretion.

We rent bikes by the hour. Adult bike rentals are $15.00 per hour. Children’s bikes that measure 24″ bikes and under are $10.00 per hour.

No. Our contract with the National Park Service prohibits us from renting these items.

Helmets are included in our rental price and we strongly recommend that all riders wear helmets. The State of Tennessee requires that children age 16 and under wear a helmet.

Bikes can be rented from May 3 to September 31st  (Bike run day’s, Wednesday’s) from 7am and last rental is 3pm,  Bikes return no later than 6pm.  

You can ride bikes on the loop road anytime the road is open. In addition, the National Park Service closes the road to motor vehicles throughout the season to allow bicyclists and pedestrians to enjoy the cove. The road is closed to cars all day on Wednesdays only from the first Wednesday of May through the last Wednesday of September. These days are very busy bike rental days.

Yes. We are outfitting a few helmets with GoPro cameras, and these will be offered for rent as available. If they are popular, we will add more! If you’d like to add a helmet cam to your rental, just ask.

Every bike is outfitted with a water bottle holder. We are working to add phone holders very soon as well. If you have more gear than this, we recommend riding with a backpack.

Bike renters will need to sign a short Acknowledgment of Risk form before renting a bike. You can view and sign the waiver by clicking here.