Bike Safety and Rules of the Road

      Walk your bike on steep downhills (as noted on map and signs).
      Stay on the road.
      Hike on marked trails only.
      Pack it in; pack it out. Don’t leave litter, food, or debris behind.
      Give wildlife the right of way. Do not feed or approach animals. Be alert for large animals such as deer – crashes are a reality.
      Respect historic buildings. Do not climb on or deface them.
      Follow traffic laws. Cyclists have the same rules as cars. Ride on the right side, obey signals and signs, signal turns.
      Be predictable. Make your intentions clear; signal turns; check behind you before turning.
      Be conspicuous. Ride where you’ll be seen; make eye contact with drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.
      Think ahead. Anticipate others’ actions. Be alert to turning vehicles, parked cars, debris, potholes.
      Ride ready. Wear your helmet; dress for the weather; carry water and food. Refill your re-usable water bottle or purchase one at the shop.

In event of EMERGENCY: no cell coverage on the loop; don’t ride a non-functioning bike; if stranded go to #9 #15 or rental shop for help; flag down a vehicle and ask them to report your location and need to us at the shop; a rescue vehicle comes around periodically. NOTE: heavy traffic on the loop means that it may take some time for help to arrive.